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Ready to Speak Your Truth?

In this Liberate Your Voice Breakthrough Call, you will get clarity on your vision and access an individualized strategy to help you break through the barriers to speaking your truth.


Liberate Your Voice

Breakthrough Call

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Meet Jackie

Author | Educator | Soul Voice Activator

Hi! I'm Jackie Graves and I'm a writer, teacher, healer, and soul voice activator. What I'm really known for is liberating women's voices. I work with women who are leaders in their fields, helping them to heal, empower, and activate their voices so they can step out and change the world. When our voices are liberated, there is no stopping us!

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In “How I Found My Voice as a Black Woman,” Jackie Graves transmits her personal, often painful journey in words poetically gorgeous, while simultaneously awakening in the reader the universal desire to shed one's pain and move towards liberation of one's soul.  She pulls off this feat through narrative that is fearlessly honest and genuine.  Please read this; you will be transformed by its distilled beauty and strength, you will feel healed by the wisdom and perspicacity of this author, you will feel in your gut the very essence of writing as art.

Wendy Lipp,
Publisher, Prashanti Press LLC
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Jackie Graves' voice is a missing link in the stories of Black women in our world. Her words echo the sentiments of so many and yet remain as pure and unique as her experiences. Her raw vulnerability mixed with the strength of her deliverance story is sensational and awakens the deepest parts of your heart and soul. Her ability to vividly capture moments is a gift and transports the reader into her world, moment by moment. For those who have not felt, seen, heard, or understood, this is a true liberation manifesto, calling all to higher heights, deeper depths, and broader breadths of freedom, love, and power. For all, it is an intimate, almost sacred view, into the journey to self-acceptance, self-love, self-compassion, and devotion to the highest calling of love.

Stacè Middlebrooks 
Chief Empowerment Officer

Purpose Powered
Coaching + Consulting

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In Ancient Future Unity, Jackie Graves pens an altar. Her totem is “How I Freed My Voice as a Black Woman”. It is a love letter to every daughter of the diaspora whose voice has become a casualty of the violence against our collective and individual bodies. For these daughters, Jackie’s story is a resurrection. She describes in heartfelt detail the journey it took to free herself from the “rape matrix” and arrive at her own divine actualization. As light post, her story is a living document, illuminating the path for others on the journey she describes. No matter the reader’s pathway point of entry, this testimonio is a necessary meditation on an unfolding into embrace of self as a means of healing our collective ancient wounds. As a gentle invitation into soul excavation intent on collective healing, Jackie’s writing takes readers on a delightful, spiritual ride—interspersing poetic reflections on wonder, play and pleasure in between passages filled with the pain of a breaking wide open to arrive at the awakening she embodies today.  

dr. adrienne danyelle oliver 
poet-educator, author of
The Body Has Memories
(Nomadic Press, 2022)

Ancient-Future Unity
Reclaim your Roots, Liberate Your Lineage, Live a Legacy of Love

“Ancient-Future Unity: Reclaim your Roots, Liberate Your Lineage, Live a Legacy of Love” is a revolutionary book featuring a group of powerful, intelligent, and talented Black women. 


This collection of stories highlights and celebrates the richness and diversity of 26 Black feminine leaders' varied narratives, lived experiences, and unique, authentic expressions. 


Join the movement to give voice to our ancestors, heal generational silence, and lay a solid foundation for future generations through the words of Black women! 

You can purchase your copy of this beautiful book here.

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