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Meet Jackie

Author and Soul Voice Activator

Speak your soul's truth and change the world.

Jackie Graves

Jackie Graves is a High Priestess of the new Golden Age, a writer, teacher, and healer. She has taught writing for over thirty years and is a tenured faculty member in the English Department at Laney College. She loves to write—short stories, poems, personal essays, plays, and most recently a memoir. She believes in the transformative power of the written and spoken word, and has been blessed to witness many of her students change their lives through finding their voices in writing.


Jackie’s spiritual journey began after her sister suffered a massive stroke at the age of 38, four days after the birth of her sister’s first child. Despite the doctor’s dire predictions, after 7 days in a coma, her sister miraculously woke up. Jackie was initiated into divine feminine ways and wisdom while caring for her newborn niece and sister in the initial months following this trauma. Jackie’s path led to a dark decade of the soul and her subsequent rebirth as a lightworker shamanista priestess. Jackie chronicles this story in her upcoming memoir, Why We Wake Up: A Story of Stroke, Survival, and the Seven Keys of Soul Liberation.


Jackie’s unique brilliance is activating, awakening, and embodying light. Through her light, Jackie helps others to transmute shadow aspects, limiting beliefs, old stories, and conditioning that no longer serve. As a mixed-race woman, who has healed many ancestral wounds and integrated her white and Black lineages through her own embodiment, she carries codes of peace, oneness, soul liberation, and bliss. She helps other women leaders to liberate their voices in order to be the change the world needs today.

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My love letter to you

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You are successful in your career
and quite spiritual

yet you feel something is missing…

You know there is more.


Everyone looks at you and thinks you have it all together

From the outside,

You’re strong and powerful

You feel strong and powerful

You tell yourself you are strong and powerful.


And yet a part of you deep inside

is struggling


Yearning to express a deeper truth

that no one has ever heard you speak


You see the world outside you is a mess

Racial, economic, and social injustice,

suppression, oppression, depression

It pisses you off

sometimes depresses or demoralizes you

and fires you up to do more

You know you are here to create a better world

You want to heal the world


But you can’t do it all

you can't do it alone

You want to hold it all together

to hold everyone up

but it’s exhausting

you’re running on all cylinders

all the time

you are everything to everybody

and maybe you dropped to last on the list.

Fires are burning everywhere—literal and metaphoric

Floods and superstorms, hurricanes, and tornados.


You keep hoping


for the highest and best outcome.


You yearn to express yourself

to put your mark on the world

not just execute someone else’s vision.


You have a BIG vision

a deep yearning

a fire burning in you


You know you’re special—

you’ve heard that all your life

 And yet it feels like this world wasn’t made for people who look like you


To some, it looks like you’ve “made it”

yet you long for more

You want to be seen and heard for your authentic self.


You know what’s in your heart and soul can help people

that you can make a difference to people.

You know you are the answer to many people’s prayers.


But you feel locked in a box

of other people's projections and expectations.

What if you start showing up differently?

Would you be letting down all those who relied on you?

Can you allow yourself to step out of the box?


Society has conditioned us all

in ways that really don’t serve us anymore

The old ways are crumbling

the old structures are racist, sexist, classist, homophobic



You want to create new structures

You dream

of new ways of being

new ways of thinking

new ways of creating

new ways of serving

new ways of living


You want to bring more authenticity to your life

more real

more juice

more aliveness

more in-touchness

more jazz

more sass

You know there is another way.


When you liberate your voice,

everything in your life changes.


You love yourself

and you liberate yourself

in every area of your life.

You feel proud, confident, courageous, and fulfilled.


You stop creating in reaction

to a world that never wanted a woman like you to succeed in the first place

You stop marching to someone else’s tune

You are no longer constrained by what society tells you is “right”


Your voice rings with authenticity and truth

When you speak, people stop to listen

You rally a team around your words

You speak your heart, even when it isn’t popular

You go against the current when the current looks crazy

You listen with an open heart

You are open to criticism

You do not remain silent in the face of oppression, injustice, inhumanity

You speak your truth


You speak and create HOPE

You envision and create POSSIBILITY

When you liberate yourself, you create more space

for the liberation of ALL.


Your words and actions have a ripple effect

on all those around you--

on the teams and communities and families, you lead

on the people, you touch

on the entire world


All you say aligns with your desires

You step out of self-sabotage


You become your own fairy godmother


You choose your YES


You LOVE yourself fully



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